Square Metallic Mesh Wrap Ribbon 4 5/8-Inch, 10 Yards


Square shape and flexible mesh. Encrusted with imitation metal effect that looks like metallic texture. Extremely versatile. Easy to cut and fit to different shapes and sizes.

This material is fantastic to use on any project! It is easily cut-able with scissors and can be used on hair bows, wedding decorations, lining flip flops, you name it!. Accent picture frames, decorate invitations, line a headband.

You can also wrap this mesh around candles, candle holders, vases. Use this to add sparkle to bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres stem wrap...the sky is the limit! These are not actual metal material. They are small square pieces on the mesh that gives the look of a metallic material when the light hits it. Great for fabrics and costume design as well.

Width: 4 5/8"
Length: 10 yards