Metallic Favor Bag Damask Organza Satin Printed Pouches


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 These party favor bags pouches are a fun way to package items such as candies, truffles, herbs, small gifts, beads, etc. Favor gifts make up a sizable portion of the gifting industry. Delight your hosts the next time you arrive for a dinner party - or make a hospital visit a thoughtful time of sharing - with a favor gift.  

Simply pull the matching  drawstring on top to secure your favor inside.

3"x4" Metallic Sheer Pouch - 12 bags
3"x4" Metallic Lame Pouch - 12 bags
3"x4" Velvet Jewelry Pouch - 25 bags
4"x5.5" Velvet Jewelry Pouch - 25 bags
3"x4" Velour Jewelry Pouch - 12 bags