Hanging Acrylic Raindrop Large Crystal, 1 3/4-Inch, 36-Piece


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1-pack = Approximately 37 drops 
4-pack = Approximately 148 drops
8-pack = Approximately 296 drops

Made out of very high quality materials that allow the reflection of light that give them a wonderful sparkle and iridescence.

These sparkling acrylic decorations are cut to resemble a tear drop (tears of joy!) or rain drop and are perfect for weddings, bridal showers, birthdays or anniversary parties.

These decorations are the perfect accessory for any elegant centerpiece and has a tiny hole to allow for hanging from a fishing line to create an invisible hanging effect.

Hang on a wedding tree centerpiece, decorate the banquet hall with these hanging teardrops, or use as diamond confetti table decor to create a magical place.

Approximately 36 pieces in each 1-pack (1 pound). Four-pack (4-pack) has approximately 148 pieces (4 pounds). Eight-pack (8-pack) has approximately 296 pieces (Please note that the title stating 40-piece per pack is incorrect)

Dimensions: 1.0"x1.75"H
Unit Pack Weight: 1.0 lb