Deco Flex Mesh Tube for Wreaths, 10-yard, 8mm


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This is a decorative item that can be used to decorate champagne cups, chairs, tables, table centerpieces, walls, gift boxes, favor bags, flowers, walkway arches, table arches, makes bows, and tie to hair to make vibrant hair decorations, and more!

Width: 3/8" or 8mm
Length: 10 yards

We work with several manufacturers to bring in all colors and shades. As such please note two points:
1. Some packs will come as 10 yards and some as 15 yards. But we listed it as 10 yards.
2. You will receive the exact color shade that is pictured. The name is given for each shade is revised by us to represent it's close approximate color in the color spectrum.

Ex: One shade of purple is listed as purple. You will be sent the corresponding shade that is pictured.